Salt Spring Fibreshed

What is a Fibreshed? Like a watershed – where all the water from an area feeds into a local body of water, a fibreshed is an area where all the fibre, producers, products and people work together.  I hope to connect fiber farms, dye plants, textile mills, fiber artists, designers, weavers, felters, spinners, seamstress (and others) to produce items made from locally grown, milled, designed and sewn fibres.

Could you wear locally produced clothing exclusively?  Clothing that was grown, dyed, processed, designed and created within 150 miles of home?  What other items in your home could be made from local fibre?

This fibreshed encompasses the area below -  Salt Spring Island, the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and the nearby mainland – all within approximately 150 miles.

Salt Spring Fibreshed area

This is about collaboration and helping people to learn new skills, to use local products and to support each other.

Other blog posts about Fibresheds can be found here:  California and Joybilee Farm (in Southern BC).  Though they focus particularly on clothing – I would like to expand that to include household items – duvets, rugs, pillows and more as well as fibre art works.

Please email me to be added to the links on the website or to be added to an email list of updates, news, meetings in the local area.

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